God sized Goals

I train and cast vision for Disciple Making Movements and most people I meet are excited to hear what God is doing around the world.  As a Christian worker, who wouldn’t want to see a movement of genuine Jesus followers?  We all do!  It’s not hard to get people on board with the vision.  What is more difficult is when it comes to motivating people to make the changes that are needed in what they believe about ministry and how they do ministry.  Many also struggle with believing that it is possible to see these kinds of movements in their area, or through them.

I want to write today about the absolute necessity of faith as we talk about starting Disciple Making Movements.  I regularly return to Hebrews 11 to stir up my own faith.  Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is believing for things we can not see yet and verse 6 says that without this kind of faith it is impossible to please God.

How does that play out in our daily lives?  What does it look like for us to be people of faith as we attempt to start a DMM?

Our faith takes shape in our actions and goals.  What we believe, actually believe, shows up in these areas.  I was recently training a group of church planters.  We talked about multiplication and movements, about disciples making disciples and groups starting groups. Everyone seemed on board with what I was sharing.  Then it came time to set goals for the coming months.  Suddenly, faith was tested.  What do I really believe is possible?  What will I attempt to do?  It is not easy to set God sized goals that reflect multiplication.  We are afraid of failure.  We may not reach those goals.  If God doesn’t intervene, those things may not happen and I might be disappointed in myself.  Other’s may also see me as a failure.

miniature-1700629_640There are risks involved in setting faith filled goals.  There are risks in speaking out something and going after it.  There is indeed a chance that you won’t reach that goal.  But there is also a chance that you will!  If you never attempt something, you are unlikely to achieve it.  If you never ask God boldly for something, He probably won’t give it to you.

Why set small goals that are humanly achievable?  We all know that nothing is possible without God. Not even small things.  So when we ask, wy shouldn’t we ask Him for more?  It is going to require Him working anyhow.  Even to see the small things. Why shouldn’t we attempt the impossible, in faith, believing that in the coming days God will show up and work miracles?

The only thing that limits God is our own inability to believe in His greatness and goodness.  Does He love lost people around you?  Yes.  Does He desire that they be saved?   Yes.  Is He able to convict the world of sin? To change hearts? Yes. Did He choose you to bear much fruit?  Yes.  So why aim for something less than a God sized goal to see multiplication?

I’m not encouraging foolish goals that have no basis in reason, or that we randomly pull numbers out of the air.  What I am advocating is that we ask Him boldly for things that He is able to do and wants to do through us!  I’ve always liked the quote “I would rather attempt to do something great and fail, then attempt to do nothing and succeed.”  God is able.  God is willing.  Are we?

Set bigger goals, pray bigger prayers, and let’s expect to see God work in bigger ways through us!


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